Terms of Use

Return Policy

NG shipped items can be returned within 30 days of delivery. Returns of personal care products are not accepted.

Charge for items you are expected to return:
If you have already received a refund and are expected to return the item, you will be charged if the item is not sent back to us. If you have already sent it back and have received an email from us asking you to return the item or have been charged, we will reverse the charge as soon as the return is processed by us.

If we do not receive the products and the expected quantity as stated in your return request, or if the items are not in their original condition or are missing parts/accessories/manuals, we will charge back the previously refunded amount.

Returns Address


If you have received an incorrect or damaged item, please contact us at +1 954 306 6422
We will issue you a return label to ship the item back and discuss how we can correct the problem.